Free or Self Hosted Blogging Platform?

Free or Self Hosted Blogging Platform

If you plan to start a blog, then you probably have Question in your mind that free or self hosted blogging platform? Most people will tell you that a self-hosted blog is a way to go, especially if you are trying to create a professional image.
But do you know the difference between free or self hosted blogging Platform? And if you can start a blog for free through other services, why do you have any need? Below, we explain the details of independent and self-hosted blogging platforms, the benefits and discretion of each and the details of which choice you make.

Free Blogging Platform

What is this A free blogging platform is the only one: signing up for one account, getting a domain (such as and setting up your site is free. You can start your free blog with services like and

The thing about a free account is that the files of your website are stored - or hosted - by your blogging platform is on there server. After the initial setup can be a price involved - which you can get in a moment - this simple thing is to separate free blogs from your own hosted blog.


  1. No initial startup cost.
  2. Free programs like WordPress and Blogger are easy to set up and maintain without any prior website design information.


  1. Unless you pay for your own domain, you will have WordPress or Blogger domains handled like yours, such as
  2. Free blogs seem to be less professional than self-hosted people.
  3. You have less control over your blog. For example, people who self-host their blogs with WordPress software can download plugins to expand their website's ability. A free WordPress blog does not limit you to some options. CSS functions and theme selections are also limited to the free blogging platform.
  4. You have a limited amount of bandwidth, video time and memory space.
  5. Free platforms usually limit your advertising options, which means it's hard to make money from your blog.

Who Should Use Free Blog?

Free blogs are best for people browsing the blogging world or not very serious about blogging. If you're just blogging for fun, get started with free blogs for free!

Self-hosted blogging platform

What is this Self-hosted blog is dependent on your own server. Most people offer third parties to host their blog, which will open all the benefits of a self-hosted blog. Sites like Hostgator and Bluehost are some of the most popular companies that offer hosting services. According to the requirement, this website allows users to rent digital storage space to run the website.


  1. Your layout has full control over your blog, including search engine optimization, ad revenue, additional work, and more.
  2. You can install a custom theme to brand your blog.
  3. You have full access to your back end files, which allows you to change the required code.
  4. Using a third-party host costs only a few dollars per month.
  5. Texture of self-hosted blog


  1. This requires an initial investment.
  2. This scared new blogger.

What kind of expenses are included?

Like a free blog, any photos, domain names and themes you've purchased will be added to your cost. With self-hosting, you also have to invest in the cost of using third-party hosts. The good news is that hosting can be reduced by $ 5 per month. Some plugins - a bunch of software that you can install on your site to increase its functionality - "Money can also cost."

Who can use self-hosted blogs?

Self-hosted blogs look more professional and work more, so they are the best for business. They are also ideal for such a person who wants to improve their professional nature and encourage the functions available on their website.