5 Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Could Avoid

I want to help you 5 Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Could Avoid. These mistakes are a so important of almost you get a strike, but why are those mistakes in a wrong way that can easily be avoided?

5 Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Could Avoid

1. Auto loading music.

Please I request you that your readers plead with you: erase auto loading music! Self-loading music is not only annoying and surprising, but it is bandwidth hog. This makes your blog load slowly. Can not wait to load your site because you really want to lose the reader? And if she is waiting for your site to load, she will be upset because she does not know the music, accidentally stood on her speaker and sleeping husband (or baby) is there with her? I can tell you this: She will not come back.

2. Using design with dark background and light text.

This problem is less about your beauty (though it is a part of it) and more about utility and readability. Reading online is hard to find on your eyes rather than reading traditional papers. Using a dark background with light text makes it even more difficult for your readers' eyes.

3. Interrupt very sidebar.

There's a long way along with a sticky, weird design reader. Less confusion, you have a lot of white space. You can use this white space to help the eyes of your readers on specific content. Your images and captions will stand more.

Do you have pride in your rewards, badges and different tracks and shown them on your sidebar? That's okay, those things are also a rite of passage. You do not need to get rid of them, but why not give them rewards on their own page and link it to your home page? You will trade only 20 links and sidebar de-clutters for one link. The confusion of your sidebar makes navigating your readers easy. When there are fewer items to draw attention to your readers, those important keys will be removed.

4. Accidental theft material (with photo).

Steals with very little legitimate bloggers' intentions. Probably new blogs will not understand what they are doing (but they do not fix it). Material theft applies to the use of any material that is material, original, photography, music, pictures or anything else.

Many new Blogger Google will use a picture, then save it and use it in a blog post. That's a theft - you can use it even if you can not use it where you quoted where the picture was found.

How will your words be used without your permission? You can check to see if you have copied your content with a copyright holder. And if you find someone using your content without your permission, click on what to do if someone steals your blog post.

5. Use "click here" instead of keyword phrases for links.

Carefully choose your link word. When you are writing a post and need to include a link, consider how you would like to include that sentence and where you would include a link. For example, what are the most effective (potential links in bold)?

The top sentence is more effective because it has a keyword phrase that helps with SEO and is more descriptive for readers. The words "here" with the word "here" or with links to other files or pages are "everywhere" on the web. When did you last search for "click here"?