Zombies Mode in PUBG Mobile

Zombies Mode in PUBG Mobile

Zombies Mode in PUBG Mobile

As part of its co-operation with Resident Evil 2, Zombie mode in Pub Mobile is getting . Details about what Tencent should expect from it should be calm. In addition to a double program to indicate the beginning of the collaboration, we have seen a little bit in the way of official communication about Pub Mobile Zombi mode. However, what we can expect when the PUBG Mobile Zoom updates are made by the Datamaners. It will show two different maps, two specific methods and some new guns. Here's what we know about Tencent's third collaboration after participating with Mission: Impossible - Fallout and BAPE.

Pub Zombi Mode Release Date
Interestingly, the video predicts that the release date for Zombie mode in PUBG Mobile  is not January 25. Instead, they pay attention to Tencent's own statements that indicate that instead of getting a new brand or event, and PUBG Zombies mode release date is 0.11.0 or 0.11.5 with PUBG mobile update. Resident Evil 2 PUBG Mobile updates are generally not far off when departing on 25 January and in the middle of the week.

Pub mobile zombie mode details
According to the Serial PubG Leakers, Mr. Ghost Gaming and Allthenewsisgoodnews, the previously leaked PUBG Mobile Zombies map is the Rozhok from Erangel and the current layout has sports spawn bets too. Gameplay on this map of Call of Duty: Similar to a game like Black Ops 4 or Gear of War is similar, as with every zombie thrown on the players, each wave is more difficult than the last one.

In the second mode the players are small, which seems to be a landlocked map, all the directions are zombie. Here's the purpose of living for a certain time.

PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode Gun
From the latest video of both of these, it is suggested that the players have few seconds to collect weapons and prepare for zombies. Available guns include M249, DP, M762, MN 416 and Pistol. Not to mention if the second mode will be a gun of the same type.

PUBG Mobile Zoom Maps
It seems that there are two new maps with PUBG Mobile Zombie. First is the first of Roskov, which is part of Irges and described as a "map filled with zombies". There is also a feature called Spawn Betas. For another map, with its surroundings structure, where the players around them appear as zombies, they are marked.

Previously it was said that PUBG Mobile will soon get a new subscription system. A new subscription system, PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus, allows players to convert bat points (BP) to an unknown cache (UC). Clearly, this new membership system will allow players to convert 5000 BP to the 50UC. This will give Pub mobile players another way to get the UC, which are necessary to buy some cosmetic items.

New subscriptions are available in the KRJP server but have been implemented in "different ways" and can then make changes to tenants in subsequent updates. Coming to the global version of the game, there is "no idea" if the two are not aware of this "this time" at the moment. Due to lack of clearance for the new Chinese government's game, tents are expected to spend time reducing deficit in China.

Interestingly, Pub Mobile Administration on Game Diskord was reduced to U.C. Convert UC conversion by BP.

"To compensate the issue, both the subscriptions will add additional XP and RP points to your RP, as well as the above mentioned UC as well as the above allowances." "Even though this special offer came with 0.10.0 still not confirmed."
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