PUBG settings to win

PUBG Mobile settings you should change to win more games

PUBG settings to win

If you've just started playing PUBG Mobile, you can be a bit messy while trying to find the best settings to play the game. PUBG settings to win also runs even better on default settings, but there are several changes that make playing games easier. To see all the default settings in the game and make a big impact on your game, you have repeatedly revised PUBG settings to win for what you need to change now. These settings do not guarantee that you can win the game but you are sure to start your head in a game that is not welcome for the new game.

Here are the best PUBG settings to win.

1. Turn off the mic and speaker
Every new player in PUBG Mobile feels annoyed to hear other players shouting in their Max or sometimes noise in the middle of the game. There is an easy way to disable this in a game. Once you're in the game, tap on the speaker icon and close it and then tap on the microphone icon and close it. It will mute everyone and you can focus on holding your skills until you're ready to play.

2. Optimize PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings
For each smartphone, PUBG Mobile recommends some graphics settings for excellent performance. This is not always accurate, but sometimes you'll see better performance or visualization as you move away from PUBG Mobile Recommendations.

Go to Settings> Graphics and select what you're comfortable with. You can make changes to graphics on low-end devices, and some players prefer the same setting on a more expensive phone because they allow them to use the potential frame rate setting.

We recommend that you change the frame rate to the maximum possible setting on this page, which is extremely high on high-end phones and ultra on many other devices.

3. Visual style
Go to Settings> Graphics and select your visual style in the game. You can choose between classic, colorful, realistic, or soft - this changes color tone in the game. Choose the one that looks great on your phone's screen which the classic does not work for everyone. These filter visuals contain only cosmetic changes and some people claim that colorful modes help them make enemies more easily.

However, our team is generally divided into this section, most people prefer the classic mode and also get the penalty. We suggest that you check all of these options and decide which works best for you.

4. Customize PUBG Mobile Controls
In PUBG Mobile, you change the controls that you should first do. Once you open the game, select Settings (gear icon)> Controls> Customize. Once you're in the control menu, this option is at the bottom left. Now you can move the fire button and find all other buttons where you can be the most convenient for them.

5. Watch from the back cover
This setting is so good that it is not enabled by default. Helps you get out of your head when you hide behind the cover and kill your enemies. This means that your enemies are the only target of your characters - which is much more powerful than the body - and you get a chance to get some hits from the cover. You can enable this setting> Basic and Peak by tapping Enable next to Peck and Fire.

Some players also recommend enabling cropping and open opportunities. Whenever you see, the opportunity for your firearm opens automatically, you have a greater view around and more chances of finding enemies. You can enable this by going to Settings> Basic by enabling crop and open scope.

6. Automatically select the booty
Ideally you want to focus on the game and do not tap on the screen to lift the loot. This setting allows you to take only guns and ammo by running it on. Go to Settings> Pickup. Now enable auto pickup.

7. Set up how much ammo you want to set
There is a limit to the number of series you can bring in PUBG Mobile, but it is always good to turn it back on. There is a limit on how much you can make changes in the game, and we recommend that you stop it a little bit to minimize the problem. Set up to 200 rounds for fast-firing guns. You can set different limits for different guns, so set it wisely. Go to Settings> Pick up and set an Ammo limit for each bunker.

8. Change angle of view in PUBG mobile
By default you have a view of 90 degrees. Some players prefer to extend it to the best view of the map while playing in the first person's view. You can change this by going to Settings> Basic and First-person camera view.

9. Add more messages to Quick Chat
Quick chat allows you to create templates set to send pre-written messages instantly. This is useful if you want to avoid voice chat and communicate quickly with teammates. Go to Settings> Fast Chat and add new messages.

10. Change crosshair colour
CrossHair permits you to place your weapon in every shooting game. You can change the color of PUBG mobile to make it easier to spot. Just go to Settings> Basic and select your preferred crosshair color.

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