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The Trial DND app finally arrives at the app store when the Apple-TRI standoff finishes

Signaling at the end of the interaction between Apple and India's telecommunications regulator, the TRI DND app is available for download by Apple's App Store. Like its Android counterpart, the TRAI DND app for iPhone lets users register for DND (Do Not Disturb) to stop annoying calls and text messages (at minimal paper), modify their DND preferences, and even report abusive calls or text messages.

In July this year, TRAI announced the rules in which telecommunications requires "directizable" devices, which will not allow the mobile app developed by the regulator (or a regulator-approved organization) to allow customers to change their communication settings and even their infringers Register. In simple words, Troy needs to restrict the use of such devices which do not allow the installation and use of the DND app.

Since Android already has the TRAI DND app, this regulation threatens iPhone users with inactivity after six months, the TRAI deadline set for the phone to enforce regulation

If TRAI DND apps are released on the iPhone before the end of January, the threat of inactivity has been turned off.

The resolution time has arrived. Apple did not allow third-party apps to access call and messaging data, to develop a TRAI DND app. But new features in iOS 12 have allowed developers to specifically develop such apps that allow users to report annoying calls and text messages. Without the official word of any party, the TRAI DND app has done the same, so he has no special privileges.

Try DND iPhone App: How It Works?
After installing the Triangle DND app on your iPhone, you will be guided through a three-step process to register or improve your DND preferences, and the app will start abusing text messages and making calls with the necessary permission.

Once you follow these steps, you can report annoying text messages directly from Messages app. When viewing an SMS from numbers not in your contacts, you will see an option to "Report a message" or "Report all messages."

Similarly, you can report telemarketing calls through the phone app. Just swipe from right to left at the number in the call list under the latest section of phone apps and you will see the option to report the number apart from the delete option.

In both cases, details of your contact will be shared with Tri-free text messages.

When you activate the DND app (or any other SMS / call report app for that matter), Apple warns that "Select this report to enable your device to send this app information to your call and text messages by enabling this SMS / Call Report. For a registered call, get information about the developer call, such as the caller's number and the call time Will be. "

"For the text messages you have sent, the developer will receive all the text, content and sender information. These messages may include verification codes from banks or other organizations as well as other personal or sensitive information in the text message," Alert is on.

The TRAI DND app is available as an app download for free through the store.
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