Set It Up JIO eSIM on iPhone XR  

Existing users can take their physical live SIM card at the JIO Store for eSIM. You will be asked to fill the CAf (Customer Acquisition Form). The CAF details will be entered in the POS (Point of Sale) machine and the SIM swap option will be selected. Once done, the machine will produce barcode and retail SIM details. These barcodes are then scanned using the cellular option in the settings of the respective iPhone.

This barcode scanning creates an eSIM profile on the user's iPhone, which is similar to the actual process of installing a SIM card. Then the CAF goes through standard certification and validation process. Once done, the eSIM is activated and the existing physical SIM card is deactivated.

New eSIM users can also apply for eSIM in relation to Reliance JIO Network. Go to your Reliance JIO Store near you and fill the CAF. CAF details are entered on POS machine where the respective prepaid pack or postpaid scheme is selected. A barcode will be generated which will then be scanned on the right iPhone model. Once done, the eSIM profile is created on the phone. Verification and authentication are as follows and eSIM is active after user verification on operators network- Tech News