Facebook Working on the Lasso app to get the (tick-talk, Musical)

Facebook Working on the Lasso app to get the  (tik-tok)

Facebook Working on the Lasso app to get the  (tick-talk, Musical)Facebook is operating on a new standalone app that shows the direct competition for Tic Talk / Musical. This unique app will be called Lasso and a real team is working to actually make it. This app will have features like TicTalk and this year there will be an app-version of the Loop Sync feature. The Lip Sync Live feature has also recently opened for pages.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is working on a separate product that can record and share videos to users on video syncing and singing. According to reports quoted sources as current and past Facebook employees, video and watch team members have developed this app, led by Facebook's leading lead product designer Brady Voss.

This app will go to musical. Now, the tick has been bought by a pair. "It's essentially a trick / music, it's full screen, it's fun for teenage children, funny and funny, and focused on creation."

This report further says that 2016 is intended to create a Facebook Musical. She was also one of the investigators who saw the popularity of the script sync app.

However, Facebook is not as popular as having suspicious content, but Facebook has to work very fast. Earlier this year, the company released Lip Sync Live Feature on Facebook that allows users to select hit songs to share them on their live stream. When playing music, do tune-up to their friends, sing, dance, or do whatever music motivates them to do.

It was presented to take advantage of the latest licensing deal with music labels and the Lasso app will show a bit more capital on it. As a result, Facebook has also introduced music stickers from Instagram and can present even more music-related features in the future.
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