Mi Band 3

Mi Band 3

Mi Band 3
1. MI Band 3 allows you to see the last 5 messages in your history. For every message, a maximum of 3 screens of the content can be shown.

2. Data Source: Based on the test conducted by the National Quality Supervision Clock Inspection Center as per the IP Rating GB / T30106-2013 of 5 ATMs (equivalent to 50 meter water equivalent). Report Number QT1803032 It can be reached at the swimming pool, in the pool or at the beach. However, it is not suitable for sauna or diving.

3. When My Fit is set to Athletic mode, monitoring your activity is fast and convenient. If you start outdoors or on a treadmill, bike or any type of walking you just need to pick up your wrist. MI band3 will show your data in real time, such as your time, speed and heart rate. Etcetera

4. MI Band 3 currently uses two different types of heart-motion sensors. So external structure looks a bit different. A rigorous test conducted in the laboratory shows that consistent heart rate, dynamic heart rate and total band performance of the band are consistently consistent. In addition, a 24-hour heart rate monitor can be opened in MI Fit app. However, this feature reduces the life of full battery, uses a large amount of electricity.

5. Smart-lock compatibility is powered by Android 4.4 and is the highest supported on MIUI devices or on Android 5.0 and other devices.

6. MI Band 3 comes with over 30 features. 

7. Battery life is taken from the test conducted by the laboratory through the following experiments: Using the factory default settings, displaying 50 messages per day, and vibrating an alarm within 5 seconds, touching the button to show 10 times, spend 2 minutes on other operations, 3 times Check your rates of heart rate, exercise for 1 hour per week (and heart rate notification While this works in real time wide open to test heart rates)And once a day to open a Micro Fit app, one day to synchronize the test for data usage methods. During the actual use, the factors on settings, operations and use environment affect battery life. For this reason, the actual results during the experiment may differ from that of a lab date.

8. MI band3 has a manual simulation test in the factory that contains 2,000 durable tests in the factory. Typical durability test method includes loading capsules in front of it and reversing it and vice versa. After the scattered and reunited, the band found some serious signs of distraction and they found it to be strong and concrete.

9. MI band3 graphite black strap SGS test has been conducted. They comply with GB / T 26572-2011 and EU RoHS environmental requirements, report no. SHAEC 1800673601 and SHAEC1800673101. Mi Band 3's lease includes Bio-Ampatiability Test organized by Anhui Provincial Institute for Food and Drug Test, certificate no. AH 20148-QJX -00005.During daily use, please avoid the band very strictly, and keep the area between your wrist and wrist band. Also, clean the strap with water regularly. If the skin area of ​​the skin starts showing signs of reddishness or swelling, stop using the product immediately and seek medical help.

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