Amazon has partnered with ICICI Bank

Amazon has partnered with ICICI Bank

Amazon has partnered with ICICI BankTech News : As the first step in India, Amazon has partnered with ICICI Bank to provide its main customer credit card, which offers purchase expenditure in point-of-point points. This card receives 5 percent reward points for Amazon Prime customers, which includes a reward point equivalent and these awards are available without the expiration date of the Points. These reward points are converted into Amazon Pay Balance and can be redeemed for purchasing products from and partner traders. Amazon Pay has been launched in partnership with ICICI Bank Credit Card Visas.

Amazon has said that this credit card will give the Prime Members an option to earn 5% reward points on buying from Amazon India. Non-prime members can take advantage of credit card, but they will get only 3 percent reward points. In addition to Amazon India, these credit card holders will get an opportunity to earn 2 percent reward points on categories like Amazon Pay Attributes, Utility Payments, Movie Ticketing etc. It includes BookMyShow, Yatra, Swiggy and more. In addition, customers can also get 1 percent reward points in merchant locations in India, which can be accepted by visa cards.

For example, if a user spend Rs. 1,000, if they are a prime member and spend on Amazon India, they will get 50 reward points (5%). If they are not the PM, they will earn 30 points (3%). If users spend on Amazon Pay's digital divisions and partner's partners, they get 20 points (2%) and if they are traveling in addition to any other trader, visa cards will be accepted in countries if they accept 10 points (1%).
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